Project 10 – Portfolio

Content Wireframes Design

The goal for these projects was to design a site while considering the content that will inhabit it. At each step the site design was being developed as the content was. Using all that we’ve discussed regarding composition, layout, and function, our site must have a pleasant visitor experience.

I feel the composition of my site is solid, even a little too solid. While the composition of each page is consistant and easy to navigate, a little more scrolling room would help to open up the space. I kept the main navigation simple, with a div color to indicate which page the user was on. The secondary navigation on the home page could benefit from a rollover title or some other indication that each column of text or images leads to their respective pages. On the About and Bio pages, there’s a slight inconsistency of the space above the text due to the altered First Letter. For the portfolio page, I looked up the code for dropdown-images so that when one hovers their mouse over the thumbnail, the full-size image would appear and not be restricted to the size of the column. However when I added in other images near the first one, the dropdown-image appeared behind the rest of the content, so i was unable to include that feature.


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