Project 9 – Layout: Final

My Site

The goal of this project was to take the website layout we designed in the last two projects and add content and a few more features, such as a rollover animation to the navigation, a footer, and <article> tags that link to other pages.

My site layout is successful because I refined my design and added more features (aside from the required ones) to simplify the user’s experience. For instance, in the “Price” field on the Products page, I added a drop-down menu so that a user must select a size before they can see the price associated with it. This makes it easier to understand which size they are adding to their cart. I chose the content based around the idea from the previous layout, as if I were to set up a site where I could sell my art and take commissions. All of the photos used on the site are my own, as well as the site banner on the home page and the site background. The only drawback to my design is that I couldn’t get the code to work where each individual navigation menu item has its own rollover animation, instead the entire navigation bar is effected.


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