Project 7 – Layout

My Site

The goal of this project was to design a website layout that is well-composed, easy to navigate, and professional. While using minimal content, primarily the “Lorem ipsum” text, we should be able to understand the layout and fill in content at a later date should we wish to.

I feel as though my website is successful in that the appearance is clean and pleasant to look at, easy to navigate, and designed so that the text is easy to read. My Products page has an organized table of 3 example items with their details and a short description, whose titles lead to a separate page with a fuller description and more images. Listed after each item is a shopping cart button which, when clicked, will hypothetically add that item to “Your cart” shown on the right. My Contact page has a simple feedback form where visitors can submit questions, comments, or other feedback. On each page I have a form where visitors can sign up for regular newsletters.


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