Project 1 – Senses

My Site

For this project, the goal is to code a basic website design with the given content that is easy to read and navigate. The 5-page website has external links, an MLA formatted Reference section, and a site directory with links to its other pages.

What I’ve learned so far is the basic coding necessary for a web page to display properly and for the text to be readable. For the aesthetics of the site, I’ve also learned how to add line breaks between sections of text and add a background image. These are all features of my web page.

I’ve succeeded in making sure all the links work properly, including the site navigation, the referenced webpage links, and the subscript numbers. The background image is also a bonus because not only does it break up the plain white background, but the image I chose is textured (crumpled paper) which I feel subtly reflects the subject matter. My site might be lacking in the Reference section because I’m not certain I formatted the citations according to all of the rules of MLA.


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